Semi-permanent make-up creates the appearance of fullness, shape and definition to eyebrows.
Immediate results which fade to a natural result after second treatment.
Results last for up to 24 months with correct maintenance.
Minimally invasive procedure.

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  • what is microblading?

    Microblading is an innovative semi-permanent make-up procedure that creates the appearance of eyebrow fullness, adding shape and definition through the insertion of pigment in to the upper layers of the skin.

  • how is the treatment carried out?

    The procedure itself begins with a thorough consultation to discuss medical history, suitability for treatment and expected results. The technician will then draw the proposed new brow shape, taking in to account the clients individual face shape and measurements. Once the client has confirmed they are happy with the shape and placement of the brows the technician will complete two passes of pigment insertion. The full, initial microblading procedure takes around 2.5 hours to complete. The full process is repeated 6 weeks after initial treatment to ensure the optimum result.

    Prior to treatment it is imperative that clients have a test patch to ensure no sensitivity to either the pigment or anesthetic cream id experienced.

  • what results should I expect?

    Following a microblading procedure, eyebrows will appear fuller, with a defined shape that is perfectly suited to their unique face shape. Eyes will be framed, helping to achieve a groomed overall appearance.

  • how does the treatment feel?

    As the microblading procedure begins, clients often report a slight prickling sensation which most describe as mildly uncomfortable. After the first pass of tattooing is completed, the skin is numbed with an application of topical anesthetic (numbing cream) to ensure the clients comfort is maintained and minimal sensation can be felt.

  • how long do the results of microblading last?

    Immediately after treatment, tattooed hairstrokes will appear overly defined but will blur a few days later resulting in a softer, more natural look. Indeed, typically the inserted pigment will fade from 10-50% within 5 to 7 days.

    As part of the healing process, microbladed brows will fade and scab, with the true result of retained pigment not visible until 4-6 weeks post treatment. At this stage a second appointment is required to repeat the full process and ensure optimum results.

    If maintained properly, the results of Microblading can last up to 12-24 months, depending on skin type. Whilst the inserted pigment is permanent, colour will fade over time and a colour boost will be needed periodically to maintain the optimum appearance of brows. The frequency of these boosts can be hard to predict and depends very much on a clients skin type and commitment to protecting brows from the elements.

    If Microblading is not maintained, the inserted pigmented will gradually fade, eventually leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were.




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