Lash/Brow Tinting & Shaping

Adds definition to lashes and brows.
Achieves a natural, highly groomed appearance.
Ideal and low-maintenance alternative to make up.
Tinting results last from four to six weeks.
Brow shaping results lasts up to three weeks.
Treatments suitable for ladies and gents.

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  • what is lash and brow tinting?

    Lash and Brow tinting is a process wherein your eyelashes and eyebrows are dyed to add definition.The tint used will be carefully selected to complement your skin type and hair colour and achieve a natural, groomed appearance.

  • what are the benefit of tinting treatments?

    Lash and brow tinting offers many benefits, particularly to people that are sensitive to make-up, those who are active in sports (especially swimming) and people who lack time to apply make up daily. Lash tinting is also ideal for people who wear contact lenses, removing the need to wear mascara.

  • how are tinting treatments carried out?

    An eyelash or eyebrow tinting treatment generally takes around fifteen minutes. With lash tinting, your therapist will place cotton under your closed eyes, before apply a small amount of vegetable dye onto your eyelashes. The same tint is applied directly to your brow during brow tinting treatment. After ten minutes, the dye is gently removed with water. Tinting results generally last from four to six weeks.

  • are tinting treatments suitable for anyone?

    Tinting treatments are suitable for most people; however it is necessary to conduct a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment to ensure no allergic reaction.

  • what method do you use for shaping brows?

    The prices quoted for eyebrow shaping, below, are on us using a tweezing method to remove unwanted hair and create a groomed look. We also offer a choice of Threading and Hot & Strip Waxing treatments which each involve the use of a different technique and achieve a slightly different effect.

  • do you offer mens lash and brow tinting and shaping?

    We certainly do- please scroll down to the Tinting & Shaping pricelist for further details.




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