Purified Protein Toxin induces long-term relaxation of contracted muscles.
Smoothes fine to moderate facial creases, lines and wrinkles.
Quick, minimally invasive procedure with little- to no- downtime.
Optimum results visible within 2 weeks of treatment, generally lasting around 3 months.
Most popular non-surgical treatment in the world.
Safely used in mainstream medicine for decades.

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  • what are anti-wrinkle injections?

    Anti-wrinkle Injections use a purified protein called Botulinum Toxin Type A to reduce facial expression (dynamic) lines. The Toxin (also known as Botox™, Azzalure™, Dysport™ and Bocouture™) is a prescription only medication and by law it may only be prescribed by a qualified Nurse Independent Prescriber or Doctor. The injected Toxin relaxes specific facial muscles that cause unwanted lines, for example, the deep creases between the brows (frown lines), crow’s feet and horizontal forehead lines.

  • how does the treatment work?

    The Toxin works by blocking impulses to the tiny facial muscles so that they do not contract which in turn causes a long-term reduction in the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles. Injected muscles temporarily ‘hibernate’, but this effect is totally reversible with time and the muscle itself is not damaged.

  • how is the treatment carried out?

    As every client’s skin and required goals are unique, a detailed consultation with a Nurse is essential prior to undergoing any advanced non-surgical treatment. During the consultation your Aesthetic Nurse will discuss any problem areas, desired improvements, options available (including no treatment at all) and expected outcomes. Should Anti-Wrinkle Injections be agreed upon as the most suitable treatment, the Toxin will be injected directly into the muscles that are responsible for contraction using an ultra-fine needle. The injections are virtually painless therefore require no anaesthetic and are completed within a matter of minutes.

  • what results should I expect?

    Once the Toxin has taken full effect, creases, fine lines and wrinkles at the treatment site will appear dramatically reduced, resulting in a tauter, more youthful complexion. Depending on the muscles treated brows may also be lifted. The effects of the treatment tend to develop gradually, with the optimum result reached after approximately 14 days. Results generally last approximately 12 weeks and clinical studies have shown that treatment benefits are cumulative and increase over time.

  • how does the treatment feel?

    As the needle used to inject the Toxin is ultra-fine, the treatment is virtually painless and therefore requires no anaesthetic. In fact, many clients genuinely report hardly feeling the injections at all.

  • is there any down time?

    With Toxin there is no downtime as such, indeed it is possible to have this treatment in a lunch break and return straight back to work. The Toxin usually takes up to 2 weeks to reach optimum effect, so it’s a gradual process. The risk of side effects is minimal, however as with any injectable treatment some clients may experience mild localised bruising, redness or swelling at the injection site. Thorough cleansing of the skin prior to treatment and careful placement of each of the injections helps us to ensure these risks are as minimal as possible.




Crow's Feet
Frown Lines
Horizontal Forehead Lines


Virtually painless, requiring no anaesthetic

Specalist Level

Nurse Independent Prescriber or Plastic Surgeon

Procedure Time

30 minutes


Injectable, purified protein (Botulinum Toxin Type A) temporarily relaxes facial muscles.


Once the toxin has taken full effect- usually within 2 weeks- creases, fine lines and wrinkles will appear dramatically reduced, revealing a tauter, more youthful complexion.


None as such, indeed it is possible to have this treatment in a lunch break and return straight back to work.


Results generally last approximately 12 weeks. Clinical studies have shown that treatment benefits are cumulative and increase over time.


One area£195
Two areas£245
Three areas£295

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