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Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis (also known as Electro Micro Surgery) using an electrolysis machine is one of the most comfortable, simple and effective ways of treating skin tags, warts, verrucas and thread veins.

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  • how are skin tags, warts, veruccas & thread veins treated?

    One of the most comfortable, simple and effective ways of treating skin tags, warts, verrucas and thread veins is to use advanced electrolysis (also known as electro micro surgery) using an electrolysis machine.

  • how does advanced electrolysis work?

    Our highly trained Aestheticians use advanced electrolysis to treat a variety of skin tags, warts, verrucas and thread veins of any size without anaesthetic. Using advanced electrolysis, the blemish is removed from the surface of the skin and the blood supply to the blemish is cut off through cauterisation.

  • what results should i expect?

    Following treatment, the remaining tissue around the treated blemish will dry up and drops off over several days – in most cases approximately five days later.

  • how does treatment feel?

    As there is no nerve supply in the skin tag, advanced electrolysis is carried out without any anaesthetic, with most clients finding the treatment only mildly uncomfortable.


Advanced Electrolysis


Skin tas, Warts, Veruccas & Thread veins on the face
(excluding Eye Area) & body


Virtually painless, requiring no anaesthetic

Specalist Level

Aesthetic Therapist

Procedure Time

45 minutes


An electrical current is passed through a needle, cutting off the blood supply to the blemish through cauterisation


Tissue around the treated blemish dries up and the blemish itself usually drops approximately five days post-procedure


Skin may appear slightly flushed immediately after treatment. This tends to subside very quickly


The blemish is permanently removed


From £65

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