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The Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction…

September 8, 2016 11:40 am Published by
3D-Lipo Med…
Got a stubborn pocket of fat that you can’t shift despite exercising? Considered liposuction but too scared to go under the knife? Perhaps you should consider 3D-Lipo Med; our revolutionary non-surgical alternative…
Sometimes, despite our very best efforts, we have unwanted lumps and bumps that no amount of exercise will budge. Thankfully, recent innovations in advanced aesthetics have made it possible to reduce fat, contour the body and tighten skin without surgery. One such treatment is 3D-Lipo Med, which has taken the industry by storm and earned a strong celebrity* following thanks to it‘s status as a powerful non-surgical alternative to liposuction. *Colleen Rooney is a huge fan!
What exactly is 3D Lipo Med and how does it work?
3D-Lipo Med combines Cryolipolysis’ innovative technology (to freeze and break down fat) with 3 of the industry’s most advanced heat treatments; Ultra Sound Cavitation (to liquidise fat), Radio Frequency (to tighten skin) and 3D Dermology (to target cellulite). For optimum results and most effective body sculpting and fat loss, these revolutionary
procedures should always be complemented with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
How can you tell  which of the technologies is best for you?
Any reputable clinic will insist on an initial consultation to ascertain suitability prior to any treatment of this nature and provide an opportunity to discuss targets and aspirations. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for treatment, your aesthetician will begin by  advising you on a tailor-made program which incorporates the perfect combination of technologies to address your area of concern.
Who can provide this treatment?
Only highly skilled Aestheticians who have undergone advanced training and obtained the necessary qualifications and insurances have license to offer this treatment. Our team of Senior Therapists are all fully trained and highly experienced in the procedure.
How much does treatment cost?
Initial consultations take 45 minutes and cost £25, redeemable against your course of treatment or refunded should you choose not to proceed. The treatment is taken as a course of 8 sessions, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Prices for courses generally range from £1260 to £1460 dependent on your specific needs and will be confirmed at consultation.